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There are four kinds of 24-7 Public Prayer Spaces: Metro, Micro, Mobile & Pop-Ups. Each are wildly creative prayer places located in community spaces.


Metro Prayer Spaces

Metro spaces are larger permanent 24-7-style prayer rooms that are easily accessible & created for general public use. Each is designed to help people at all different places on their spiritual journey pray & interact with God in meaningful ways. 

Created for the super-spiritual, the seeker, and the spiritually curious alike, these are spaces with comfortable furniture, places to study, journal, read, reflect, make art, and are filled with interactive prayer stations that use everyday language and creativity in ways that inspire individuals and groups to talk with God about what’s important to them and their world. 

A resource for local churches and a fueling station for the spiritually thirsty, Metro spaces are usually open to the public anywhere from 8-24 hours a day, 5-7 days a week.  Some are open 24 hours a day, but most are open only during hours most practical for the general public.  Many are open & unlocked during public hours. Some require reservations to enter.  But all are for whomsoever. 

Take a look inside some Metro prayer spaces.

Find the location of a Metro space near you.

 Want help to launch a Public Prayer Space locally?

Micro Prayer Spaces

Big sacred impact in small public footprints

Micro spaces can be found in corners, closets & small rooms in coffeehouses, gyms, businesses, pubs, clubs, in phone booths, along outside wallsor anywhere with public access that can be used as permanent space for a small collection of 24-7-style prayer stations to help people pray & encounter God in these unexpected places. 

Mobile Prayer Spaces

Prayer rooms on wheels

Located at fairs, flea markets, in front of soup kitchens, & at all kinds of public gatherings & local events, mobile prayer spaces are venues on wheels that host interactive prayer stations for people to explore on their own as well as opportunity provided for people to be prayed for. 


Short term spaces with missional intentions

Pop-Ups are temporary prayer rooms created for public use. These mission-minded spaces help people experience God, the gospel, and prayer in fresh new ways. They are filled with music, maps, art supplies and interactive prayer stations with compelling themes serving as invitations to help people converse earnestly & honestly with God.

Take a look inside some Micro & Mobile spaces.

Check out Pop-Ups
in schools.

Simple guide to
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